TU Dortmund


St. Petersburg State University

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Relations between St.‐Petersburg & Dortmund

  • Continuous cooperation in last decade based on joint research interests

– Starting point: non-linear spectroscopy & diluted magnetic semiconductors
– Extension by coherent spin dynamics, central spin problem, ultrafast acoustics, polariton condensates, spin-flip Raman scattering, ...


  • > 100 joint publications in Science, Nature group, Physical Review, etc.
  • Personal relations:

– Numerous exchange visits through DFG, Humboldt, Gambrinus, Mercur programs
– SOLAB senior staff associated with Ioffe, SOLAB junior staff trained at Dortmund
– Akimov & Yakovlev graduated from Ioffe, Bayer is Ioffe honorary member
– Joint participation in EC Marie Curie programs

Result: balanced mix of experienced & young researchers